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Platform that easily connects businesses with their employees, partners, vendors and clients

Application Nerve Center

Workplaces thrive when communication is optimal

Build and develop your community

Multi-group Management

Clients & Prospects, Employees & Vendors
Organize and promote your event

Group and Personal Messenger

Message One or Many, Share Posts, Files, Pics, Videos
Improve communication within a team

Event Management

Public Events to be Found by Any Appinall User, Private Events for Invitees Only
Find friends with similar interests


User information is never shared . All data is secured  Messages & Passwords are encrypted
Discover things to do nearby

Discover things to do nearby

Learn something new everyday, try a fun interesting hobbies, go to a local event like food festival or networking mixer.
Grow your business

Built-in Payment System

Appinall’s built-in payment system allows you to easily receive, send, and transfer money without leaving the app.


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