Appinall is a free collaboration software that provides Non-Profit Organizations with a simpler way to communicate to partners and prospects.


Appinall is a collaboration software application, that helps childcare and Non-Profit organizations with a simpler way to communicate and reach out to a wide range of customers while tailoring specific messages to a diverse audience and ensuring complete privacy and confidentiality. Appinall’s ultimate goal is to help child care organizations eliminate administrative hassles and help simplify the communication process with parents or other education professionals, giving you more time to focus on what’s most important -the kids.
Child care solution Group management tool
  • Increase your business by communicating group of vendos.
  • Utilize all benefits of collaboration and teamwork.


Powerful search tool

  • Allow organizations to find new supporters and event Organizers.
  • Search for Events, Groups or Organizations with our easy to use search capabilities.
  • Keep track upcoming events.
  • Find other events near your current location.


Event management tool
  • It helps you create and manage online or physical events.
  • Communicate with the clients who are interested in the services, your business has to offer.
  • Address the needs  of the audience in an interactive format.
  • Take the feedback from your valuable clients

Keep your organization well collaborated, your prospects inspired and your mission alive!

Track upcoming events
From the app, you can keep track of upcoming events and even find other similar events near your current location.
Payment System
Payment System allows event organizers to easily collect donations allowing everyone to donate in a just a few easy steps without ever leaving the application.
Technology and strategy
With us, organizations can dramatically amplify their social change efforts with the right technology and a solid strategy.
Right tools for Nonprofit
Appinall lets you creatively commu- nicate and service your clients spontaneously with updated infor- mation, services or products while maintaining strict confidentiality.

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