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One App - Many Possibilities
Posts & Comments

Public news, important announcements, opinions, jokes and more.

Group members can share opinions, ask questions and post comments.

Important posts can be pinned to show up at the top of newsfeed.

General chat for all group members

Communicate with all group members with group chat.

Easily send attachments, photos and documents. Edit and delete sent messages.


Easy to work with many different groups through arranging them in multi-level structures

Create groups for every branch and department to simplify communication within the team and between different departments and branches of your company.


Posts from your groups and events are displayed here for easy access. Latest news, important information, and the best jokes, won’t be missed now.

Group events

Throwing a party or planning a picnic is easily done by creating an event and inviting all your friends to join.

Easily organize business meetings with your partners and clients, make product demonstrations and strategy presentations.

Privacy settings

Private group
Private groups allow for internal communication between team members, but cannot be found by the public. Confidential information is secured and only seen by members invited to the group.

Hide members
Create a public group for your clients and hide members from each other. This allows users to search and join your company’s group while remaining private from other members.

Free and paid groups

Group creation allows users to plan, organize, accept payment, and much more.

Communicate with your upcoming wedding’s guests, plan your sister’s baby shower or just organize a night out with old friends. Search for local groups in your area and join members who have the same interests and hobbies.

Create a group for monthly premium seminars, set an access price to allow users to join the group for valuable information and presentations.

Versatile Settings

Plan and organize events from family parties to corporate celebrations.

You can customize your events to be private or public and searchable by all users. Allow users to send invites or limit who can invite. Assign a fee for the event or set it to free.

Repetetive Events

Billards every Friday night, Happy Hour on Wednesdays, or weekly team meetings? Set your event to reoccuring and no one will be able to forget.

Choose how frequent you want the event to occur and Appinall will remind you when the event is reposted.

Free and Paid Events

Find events in your local area, from concerts with your favorite bands, to a business development seminar. Appinall gives you the ability to search multiple engines, all in one convient location, saving you time to attend more events.

You can also create your own event and set a fee up, earning you income.


It can be difficult to keep track of upcoming meetings, conferences, appointments, family dinners, and sporting events, but Appinall makes it easy. Receive notifications about your upcoming events, time, and place.


Throwing a party? Planning a meeting with an important client? Create a private event and customize who you send invites to.

Don't worry if your invitees don't have an Appinall account, as they will be sent an email with an invitation to join.

Chat Features

Communicate with friends, discuss business, and share important information in any format.

Use the "Don't Disturb" feature to stop notifications from a chat.

Group chats allow for an unlimited amount of members, allowing you to communicate with all your friends at once. Strategize, create, and solve tasks.

Invite new members to chat and show them the previous conversation or hide it.

Creating group from chat

If you are constantly having to scroll back through group conversations for important information, the solution is simple. Create a group from the chat, publish important posts and important information won't be lost amoung thousands of messages.

Groups are quick and easy to set up, add a description and an image.

Exchange files without any restrictions

Do you want to send a photo from your recent vacation or share a funny gif? Does your boss need you to send him the quarterly report? Appinall makes it easy to exchange files of all formats without affecting the quality or deleting content in the chat.

No Limits

Create a channel, share interesting and useful information to attract followers.

You can have an unlimited amount of followers, making your channel the perfect place to present your talents, business, or company.

Free Forever

Channel features are free and remain so.

We are currently in the process of improving the channel usability and adding additional features.

Constant information flow

Keep your followers interested by posting in your channel daily. Talk about the latest news event, new jokes, and offer special discounts to only your followers.

The more you post, the more followers you gain, bringing your channel to the top of the list.

Posts & Comments

Channel posts should include interesting information. Bright and colorful photos will capture the attention in user's feeds.

Actively create posts and discussions. Promote your followers to join the conversation keep them returning to your channel.

Payment through the app

There is no need to use other services and applications to pay when joining a group or event. Appinall allows you to pay for these, as well as accept payment through our easy to set up payment system.

Transfer Money

Appinall allows your to transfer money to other users quickly and easily. Whether your sending a $25 donation or paying for a provider's service, everything can be done through Appinall. You will be able to delete your current payment apps and pay everything through one.

Earn money

By creating groups and events with set fees, you can earn money. Every member that joins your group or event will be prompted to pay upon joining.

Contact List

Use the search feature under your contacts list to add other users. This will allow you to easily message, start group chats and send event or group invites.

You can add any user with a public profile to your contacts and they will recieve a notification when joining your contact's list.


Keep your personal life and business life separate. Use your personal profile to find local events and communicate with friends about the upcoming party.

Use your business profile for group communication with your team and to create events for upcoming business meetings.

Changing your profiles is quick and easy and doesn't require any additional logging on.

Private profile

Create a private profile to only communicate with users you add to your contacts. Private profiles are not searchable to the public.

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