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Posts & Comments

Public news, important announcements, opinions, jokes and more.

Group members can share opinions, ask questions and post comments.

Important posts can be pinned to show up at the top of newsfeed.

General chat for all group members

Communicate with all group members with group chat.

Easily send attachments, photos and documents. Edit and delete sent messages.


Easy to work with many different groups through arranging them in multi-level structures

Create groups for every branch and department to simplify communication within the team and between different departments and branches of your company.


Posts from your groups and events are displayed here for easy access. Latest news, important information, and the best jokes, won’t be missed now.

Group events

Throwing a party or planning a picnic is easily done by creating an event and inviting all your friends to join.

Easily organize business meetings with your partners and clients, make product demonstrations and strategy presentations.

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Privacy settings

Private group
Private groups allow for internal communication between team members, but cannot be found by the public. Confidential information is secured and only seen by members invited to the group.

Hide members
Create a public group for your clients and hide members from each other. This allows users to search and join your company’s group while remaining private from other members.

Free and paid groups

Group creation allows users to plan, organize, accept payment, and much more.

Communicate with your upcoming wedding’s guests, plan your sister’s baby shower or just organize a night out with old friends. Search for local groups in your area and join members who have the same interests and hobbies.

Create a group for monthly premium seminars, set an access price to allow users to join the group for valuable information and presentations.



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