ChatBots – Georgio original

The ChatBot is coming! In fact, if you already have not yet heard of a Chat Bot before, chances are that you may have encountered one without even knowing it! Research have been done, that by 2020, next year, roughly 80% of business will have adopted some kind of Artificial Intelligence on their websites and web pages! This includes the use of Chat Bots…as using such practices cut company’s cost down significantly and can help users get to where and what they need more quickly and efficiently. In a survey of 1000 adult men in the United States, 37% of them (being the highest rated percentage) said that they would find ChatBots useful for “getting a quick reply in an emergency”. The participants in this same study have indicated too that around-the-clock/24-hour service availability and the speed of responses are the two most positive aspects of ChatBots. Statistics and research may show that ChatBots are the way to go nowadays for companies to best communicate with customers or clients, however, no matter how advanced the Artificial Intelligence is, ChatBots are only limited to what and how they are programed.