Communication Platworm for Business Services Providers

Simple And Easy To Use Communication Platform For Business Services Providers

Appinall is an application which was built to help companies who provide Business Services  to communicate in a variety of customized programs to service your wide array of clients, partners, prospects and vendors.

You can use Appinall to create and manage group communications, of any form, and tailor specific conversations between you and your target audiences.

Appinall supports your business’ competitive advantage with a capability to create interactive communication between you and your target audiences.

Companies who provide Business Services – may currently offer a wide-range of products and services – and wish to communicate to all or some of your clients, partners, vendors and any other audiences with different messages to each group.

 With Appinall,  you can expand the way you communicate  to include:

 Group management tool

Our group management tool which helps these businesses create, manage  and communicate with groups of clients, prospects, partners or vendors in a variety of ways.

 Rapidly distribute product information and news for your services to your targeted audiences.

  • Create unique sub-groups in which members, who may or may not be geographically separated, can chat with each other or representatives of your organization in real time.
  • Privacy is extremely important so you have the ability to keep your group members secure and invisible to each other.

Event management tool

Our event management tool which helps you create and manage online or physical events and communicate with the clients or prospects who are interested in the services your business has to offer. We enable you to address the needs of your audience in an interactive format.

Provide interactive services

Appinall gives your business a competitive asset that allows you to continuously provide interactive services to your customers while maintaining individual confidentiality for all participants. Managers can see their clients and prospects while each participant only sees their account manager.

 You can streamline communication including a post messaging service (with interactive comment features), live chat, and document / picture storage. You can work with groups internal or external to your organization, in a multi-level hierarchy, or with individual customers.

Appinall allows you to creatively reach out to and service your clients spontaneously with updated information, services or products.

How to get started

 To help you get started as you begin to use Appinall within your organization, we will continuously work with you, at no charge, to help you make the most out of our diverse platform.