How to Plan Family Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping with your family can be a stressful task. Everyone wants different things, shopping malls are busy, and traffic can be a pain. It is important to plan your holiday purchases ahead of time to avoid increased anxiety. Here are some tips to help you this holiday season.

Family Holiday Shopping

  • Find Out What People Want

Before heading out to purchase anything you must decide who to buy for and what they want. This is a task that is easier said than done. Some might be reluctant to tell you exactly what they want because they don’t want you to spend too much money. Others might give you a long list that is outside of your budget. 

Decide who the most important people that you want to buy gifts for. If they don’t tell you what to buy then look for something that relates to their interests. If they are athletic, you could buy them workout clothes or sports equipment. If they are a musician you might by them accessories for the instrument they play or sheet music. Buy them a gift card if you know they enjoy shopping at a particular store. If they give you a long list try to figure out the things they want the most. 

  • Pick the Best Time to Shop

Planning a holiday shopping trip with your family can be tricky because of time constraints. Work, school, sports and other activities can easily get in the way of gift shopping. However, it is also important to pick specific weeks to shop for different things. This is because stores choose different weeks to advertise particular categories of goods.Black Friday is known for having good deals on appliances and consumer electronics.

However, if you are buying toys you are better off waiting till the first two weeks of December for the best deals. 

Clothes are tricky because often times the best deals are actually after Christmas on December 26th. If you are considering buying clothes for somebody you might be better off buying them a gift card. That way they will be able to pick up what they want at the best price.    

  • Holiday Shopping Communication

You have a list ready and you are about to head out with the family or friends to complete your holiday shopping. Before you leave its a good idea to see what stores are in the area near you. Its also important to have a way to communicate in case you decide to separate inside a busy mall. Some might use text messages and a separate search engine app, but you don’t have to.

With the free app, Appinall can help you with your family holiday shopping. Using the “places” feature you can scout out local shops that may be interested in. You can also locate restaurants if you need to take a break and refuel. You also have the ability to send private and group messages to your friends and family with ease. There is no reason to use multiple applications when Appinall is your all in one-holiday shopping solution.

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