Leading the Chatbot Revolution

More Leads—Better Service

Appinall, is a powerful chatbot communication platform that acts as the Nerve Center for our AI driven Chatbots. Our platform is designed to manage conversational marketing channels for multi-location and large-scale aggregator organizations.

Application Nerve Center

Increase efficiencies while minimizing costs

Build and develop your community


Ask the right questions to determine whether certain leads are qualified. Learn about your most promising prospects
Organize and promote your event

Lead routing

After a customer qualifies, Appinalls Sales Bot identifies the correct representative or team member to route them to
Improve communication within a team

Smart suggestions

Fluent customer support with a human touch
Find friends with similar interests

Cut your operational costs

While still maintaining the same high standard of service, chatbots can handle and solve more queries quickly and reliably
Discover things to do nearby

Discover things to do nearby

Learn something new everyday, try a fun interesting hobbies, go to a local event like food festival or networking mixer
Grow your business

Scale your sales

Scale your sales and support efforts with a modern, AI-based chatbot, integrated knowledge base and all-in-one communication platform


Chatbots save your customers’ and agents’ time

Our Chatbots deliver consistent, correct responses no matter how questions are asked with NLP and advanced machine learning

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